The Greatest Russian Fairytales & Fables.  Robert Reynolds Steele

The Greatest Russian Fairytales & Fables

By Nisbat Bain, Valery Carrick, W. R. S. Ralston, Arthur Ransome, Robert Reynolds Steele (Traductor)

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This collection represents a thoughtful and beautifully illustrated selection of some of the finest Russian fairy and folk tales for people of all ages:_x000D_ Picture Fables for the Little Ones:_x000D_ The Cock and the Bean_x000D_ The Goat and the Ram_x000D_ The Hungry Wolf_x000D_ The Peasant and the Bear_x000D_ The Dog and the Cock_x000D_ King Frost_x000D_ The Bear's Paw_x000D_ The Bear and the Old Man's Daughters_x000D_ The Straw Ox_x000D_ The Fox and the Blackbird_x000D_ Fairy Tales:_x000D_ Snegorotchka _x000D_ Fire Bird_x000D_ Winged Wolf_x000D_ Self-Playing Harp_x000D_ Seven Brothers_x000D_ Ivan_x000D_ Story of the Golden Mountain_x000D_ Robber Nightingale_x000D_ Renowned Hero_x000D_ Mild Man_x000D_ Duck with Golden Eggs_x000D_ Bulat the Brave_x000D_ Tsarevich and Ivashka with White Smock_x000D_ Knight Yaroslav and Princess Anastasia _x000D_ The Golden Mountain _x000D_ Morozko _x000D_ Flying Ship _x000D_ Muzhichek-As-Big-As-Your-Thumb _x000D_ Tsarevich Ivan _x000D_ Tale of Little Fool Ivan_x000D_ Little Feather of Fenist _x000D_ Peasant Demyan _x000D_ Enchanted Ring _x000D_ Brave Labourer _x000D_ Sage Damsel _x000D_ Prophetic Dream _x000D_ Two Out of the Knapsack _x000D_ Marko and Vasily_x000D_ Muscovite Folk Tales:_x000D_ The Fiend_x000D_ The Dead Mother_x000D_ The Dead Witch_x000D_ The Treasure_x000D_ The Cross-Surety_x000D_ The Awful Drunkard_x000D_ The Bad Wife_x000D_ The Golovikha_x000D_ The Three Copecks_x000D_ The Miser_x000D_ The Fool and the Birch-Tree_x000D_ The Mizgir_x000D_ The Smith and the Demon_x000D_ Ivan Popyalof_x000D_ The Norka_x000D_ Marya Morevna_x000D_ Koshchei the Deathless_x000D_ The Water Snake_x000D_ The Water King and Vasilissa the Wise_x000D_ The Baba Yaga_x000D_ Vasilissa the Fair_x000D_ The Witch_x000D_ The Witch and the Sun's Sister_x000D_ Emilian the Fool_x000D_ Witch Girl_x000D_ Headless Princess_x000D_ Soldier's Midnight Watch_x000D_ Warlock_x000D_ Fox-Physician_x000D_ Fiddler in Hell_x000D_ Ride on the Gravestone_x000D_ Two Friends_x000D_ Shroud_x000D_ Coffin-Lid_x000D_ Two Corpses_x000D_ Dog and the Corpse_x000D_ Soldier and the Vampire_x000D_ Elijah the Prophet and Nicholas_x000D_ Priest with the Greedy Eyes_x000D_ Hasty Word.....

Robert Reynolds Steele

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  • December 26, 2021
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