The Rider of Golden Bar.  William Patterson White

The Rider of Golden Bar

By William Patterson White

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The Rider of Golden Bar tells the story of a sort of a young, humble cowboy Billy Wingo who tries to find his ways in the town of Golden Bar in Crocker County. Billy is in love with Sally Jane Prescott and she likes him too, but would like him to be more assertive and ambitious. Some of the local corrupted politicians, who are tangled up in some shady business, convince Billy to run for Sheriff, assuming that such a passive fellow wouldn't obstruct their unlawful doings and the upright citizens of Golden Bar are in for an adventurous ride.

William Patterson White

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  • 8596547009191
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  • Inglés
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  • Published:
  • December 26, 2021
  • Ficción Juvenil

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