Nietzsche and Other Exponents of Individualism.  Paul Carus

Nietzsche and Other Exponents of Individualism


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This treatise is a concise volume on the principle of valuation, individualism, and more. It's not just a book on Nietzsche's philosophy; it includes biographical details based on the recollections of Nietzsche's closest friend, Paul Deussen and chapters on his ancestors and followers. First published in 1914 by a recognized philosopher Paul Carus, this work acts as an introduction and additional examination of one of the most contentious philosophers of the 19th century. The American philosopher and theologian Paul Carus (1852-1919) is also the author of The Religion of Science (1893), The Gospel of Buddha (1894), and The History of the Devil (1900). Contents include: Anti-scientific Tendencies Deussen's Recollections Extreme Nominalism A Philosophy of Originality The Overman Zarathustra A Protest Against Himself Nietzsche's Predecessor Ego-sovereignty Another Nietzsche Nietzsche's Disciples The Principle of Valuation Individualism Conclusion

Paul Carus

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