The Sea Road to the East, Gibraltar to Wei-hai-wei.  A. J. Sargent

The Sea Road to the East, Gibraltar to Wei-hai-wei

By A. J. Sargent

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"The Sea Road to the East, Gibraltar to Wei-hai-wei: Six Lectures Prepared for the Visual Instruction Committee of the Colonial Office" by A. J. Sargent may be an academic text, but it doesn't read as a dry, factual piece, which is a prime reason why it has been rescued from being lost over the course of time. The lectures go into details about the sea routes that would lead sailors east. At the time it was presented, ship-travel was a highly dangerous, but necessary part of the world's economics. Thanks to Sargent and other writers like him, more knowledge was able to be obtained and passed along to make these trips safer.

A. J. Sargent

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  • December 26, 2021
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