Gods & Reapers.  T.H. Morris

Gods & Reapers

Gods & Ghosts

By Cynthia D. Witherspoon, T.H. Morris

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After Joey gets seriously injured, Eva is beside herself. She's the first to admit it: Joey Lawson is more than just her cameraman. He's her brother; the one solid through her time as the Sibyl. She couldn't give up on him. No, sherefusedto give up on him. Despite the threats that the spirit of his attacker piled on her head. So she ran to Jonah Rowe. A man who had become her best friend and her savior. But Jonah has trouble of his own in the form of Mary Anne Greene, the country sweetheart he had met on the road to be with Eva. And the longer the two of them are around each other, the harder Jonah has fallen for her. But the sweet Mary Anne isn't all that she seems to be, and Eva knows it. She canfeelit. And by the gods, if Jonah is hurt by this woman, there will be hell to pay.

T.H. Morris

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  • December 26, 2021
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