The Other Girl.  India Simone

The Other Girl

By India Simone

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The Other Girl is a fourteen-chapter novel that tells the story of Jacinta, a young girl who grew up in a modest English family, who tried to convey to her from an early age the idea that a woman was destined for marriage and to look after the family. The premature death of her father, due to a heart attack, will be the spring that will push Jacinta to detach herself from values that did not belong to her, and to live free and independent. However, the two men in her life, Will and Carl, whom she loved by giving them all of herself, will always make her the second choice, the other girl. In each chapter, Jacinta expresses her desire to be loved and her suffering in the face of a love that perhaps she should first have reserved for herself. India Simone grew up in London. She has had a colourful career in different sectors. Her joy of cooking has allowed her to be creative and helps her relax. She now lives in a quiet part of the Midlands, surrounded by family and friends. She loves her own company but likes to entertain others in her free time using her culinary skills. Her writing has helped her understand relationships and carve a happier future.

India Simone

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  • Europa Edizioni
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  • 9791220126298
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  • December 26, 2021
  • Biografía y autobiografía / General

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