My life and work.  Henry Ford

My life and work

By Henry Ford

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Henry Ford was an engineer, entrepreneur, Founder of the Ford Motor Company, the largest company in the world at the time, and an extraordinary entrepreneur. Ford was the first entrepreneur to apply mass assembly in order to produce a large number of cars in less time and at a lower cost. Henry Ford's ideas changed all the thinking of the time, and it was through them that the mechanization of work, mass production, and the standardization of machinery and equipment developed. In this autobiography that is part of the collection The Entrepreneurs, Ford describes his first encounter with automobiles and a bit of his history before he founded Ford Motor and how he worked to make it become the largest company in the world. Henry Ford also introduces the reader to his views on business, industry and mass production, wages and money, social concerns and charity, and how he applied the principles of the Ford Motor Company factories to a school, hospital, and railroad. HENRY FORD: My life, my work, an ebook illustrated with photos of the time, with a preface by our great writer Monteiro Lobato, is an extremely interesting and educational book for those who want to know the entrepreneur Henry Ford and his ideas, as well as the second industrial revolution in the words of those who participated in its construction.

Henry Ford

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  • December 26, 2021
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