Natural capitalism & circular economy.  Alejandro Pagés Tuñón

Natural capitalism & circular economy

By Alejandro Pagés Tuñón

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"this book is an exhortation to modify patterns of behavior, which includes the development of a paradigm and public policies that channel us towards a more prosperous, balanced and sustainable future..." – Juan Carlos Belausteguigoitia Alejandro Pagés skillfully guides us through a journey of awareness and renewal of human ties with nature, in order to guide actions towards the restoration of the Earth's biodiversity and the promotion of a articulated environmental economic agenda for companies and governments. The objective: to leave a legacy that allows the subsistence of the new generations and the survival of the species with which we share the planet. How can this book help you? - You will learn about some of the most resonant ecological problems of our time, the crises that have occurred, their devastating effects and their relationship with the linear economy. - You will learn two key concepts to question the logic of consumption and production today: natural capitalism and circular economy. - You will understand the relationship between ecosystem restoration and the logic of circular business models arranged in a model of circular natural capitalism. - You will identify the elements that must be contemplated by green policies that, from the fiscal and financial aspects, contribute both to economic development and to the protection of the environment.

Alejandro Pagés Tuñón

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  • December 26, 2021
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