The Patristical Idea of Antichrist.  John Henry Newman

The Patristical Idea of Antichrist

By John Henry Newman

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Just as the first coming of the Lord had its precursor, "so will the second," John H. Newman said in four memorable sermons. If the first forerunner was St. John the Baptist, the second will be much "more than an enemy of Christ, he will be the same image of Satan, the terrifying Antichrist". In his sermons, St. John Henry Newman warned that the naive Satan "promises civil liberty, promises equality, promises trade and wealth, promises reforms." He "makes fun of past times and all the institutions that represent them." And the Saint went even further when he announced that there would be a real or fictitious "display of miracles", which could be "discoveries of science", which would strengthen the power of the Antichrist. Newman?s insights sound as if they were written today.

John Henry Newman

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