Chemtrails.  James Handen


By James Handen

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Most experts agree that the lines in the sky produced by some aircraft are harmless contrails, that these emissions have always been produced and that they can be explained by the interaction of atmospheric gases. However, different people around the world are astonished by the amount of time these dubious contrails persist, and how they end up looking like indelible clouds. How can it be explained that the analysis of the samples taken from these trails reveal the presence of aluminum, barium and strontium? And more importantly: why would they secretly release dangerous chemicals, how does this relate to climate manipulation and geoengineering? Throughout this book, several of the silenced scientists will deliver what their research shows.

James Handen

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  • MB Cooltura
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  • 9789877446784
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  • Published:
  • December 26, 2021
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