The Carriage of Goods in Swiss Law.  Vesna Poli? Foglar

The Carriage of Goods in Swiss Law

By Vesna Poli? Foglar

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The Swiss legal regime differs considerably from the regimes of its neighbouring countries. Swiss law on the carriage of goods is based on the provisions of the Code of Obligations from the early 20th century. Some other laws, various ordinances and international conventions that govern different modes of transportation also apply. All this makes this field of law complex – not only for non-Swiss professionals. This book gives a comprehensive overview of the contract of carriage and the carriers' and freight forwarders' liability, the insurance of goods and of liability, the jurisdiction of Swiss courts and the possibilities of recourse actions. The Carriage of Goods in Swiss Law provides valuable knowledge to properly handle transport business, claims and insurance. It offers reflections on the shortcomings and the development of Swiss laws and regulations. Written for practitioners and lawyers in the country and abroad, the book can serve to all those whose claims may be decided before a Swiss court. Vesna Poli? Foglar is an of-counsel in Zurich with over 20 years of experience. She specialises in Swiss transport law, the international carriage of goods, transport insurance and in dealing with transport claims.

Vesna Poli? Foglar