Silk, Linen, Cotton.  Patrizia Luraschi

Silk, Linen, Cotton

By Patrizia Luraschi

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When we get dressed, we don't have to do it so much to wear something, but we have to choose the right fabrics, clothes for the right occasion and the exact match. This is why we present three fabrics that are always at the forefront in the world of fashion and everyday wear: silk, linen, cotton. These three fabrics are used purely in the summer and mid-season, giving a sense of freshness and lightness to those who wear them, therefore wearable all day without problems. In many cases they also dress for the evening, as far as linen and cotton are concerned, the situation is different for silk. You have always seen women and men use silk for style and sophistication in various types of outfits. Silk has an incredible history for how it was born, linen, a purely vegetable fabric, is the oldest of the three, cotton, with a very sad history behind it, for its harvesting in the plantations where it was originally grown. In short, a beautiful adventure within these three stories that will enrich you in the knowledge of these three fabrics.

Patrizia Luraschi

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  • December 26, 2021
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