A Noble Name; or, Dönninghausen.  A. L. Wister

A Noble Name; or, Dönninghausen

By Claire von Glümer, A. L. Wister (Traductor)

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Johanna had watched her mother's life ebb away after she fell ill. Then she chose to go and live with her father and his new wife after she died. But now a letter from her mother before she passed away seems to suggest that Johanna should instead go to live with her family, the Dönninghausens. And when her father suddenly falls ill and dies, Johanna has no choice but to go back to her mother's roots.

A. L. Wister

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  • DigiCat
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  • 8596547317401
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  • Inglés
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  • Published:
  • December 26, 2021
  • Ficción / General

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