How to Overcome Embitterment With Wisdom.  Michael Linden

How to Overcome Embitterment With Wisdom

By Christopher P. Arnold, Michael Linden

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Expert help on overcoming feelings of embitterment Understand how these difficult feelings some about Learn problem-solving skills to reorientate to the future Also ideal reading for anyone living or working with an embittered person More about the book Embitterment is an emotional reaction anyone can have to injustices, humiliation, and breaches of trust. We have probably all encountered embitterment in ourselves or others at some time in our lives. Like other feelings, feelings of embitterment normally subside, but in some cases they can persist and cause a great deal of suffering. When these feelings take control of your life and you can't let go of the past negative events in your life, then support is needed. This book helps you understand what embitterment is and how it can come about. It will also help you detach from these negative feelings and find ways to better deal with the hurtful situations, including learning to look to the future. You will learn about problem-solving strategies that focus on the psychology of wisdom and the development of wisdom, which include identifying facts and problem solutions, changing perspectives, self-relativizing, and emotional empathy. It has been scientifically proven that wisdom is a good remedy for embitterment. This book is ideal support for anyone suffering from embitterment or for family, friends, or colleagues who want to learn how to support someone to not stay stuck in these difficult feelings.

Michael Linden