With the World's Great Travelers (Complete 4 Volumes)

With the World's Great Travelers (Complete 4 Volumes)

By Oliver H. G. Leigh (Editor), Charles Morris (Editor), Various

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The preface of this book tells that even though voyages are called mere "trips," distant lands didn't get more familiar. As the world became more open and voyages more often, the differences between foreign lands and continents became more evident as ever. This truth remains topical even today, 120 years after these words were put down on paper. Now "With the World's Great Travelers" lets you make a personal voyage through distance and time and see the most outstanding example of travel history in the world's literature. The book consists of essays by multiple authors, like Edward A. Pollard, a notable American Journalist; Charles Darwin, a famous scientist; Meriwether Lewis, a renowned explorer, one of the leaders of the Lewis and Clark Expedition, William Howard Russell, the most celebrated foreign journalist in America during the times of the Civil War and many others. This work gives a deep insight into how the world and traveling looked a century ago.