The Classics of World Literature in One Volume.  Oscar Wilde


In 'The Classics of World Literature in One Volume,' Johann Wolfgang von Goethe's editorial vision transports readers through an odyssey of some of the most impactful works in literary history. Defining the landscape of human thought and creativity, this compendium includes seminal texts spanning diverse genres and eras—from Shakespeare's profound plays to Tolstoy's vast narratives, Goethe's own 'Faust,' and beyond. The collection not only celebrates the narrative and stylistic excellence of each selected work but also serves as a cultural chronicle, capturing the philosophical zeitgeists of various periods within its pages. Textual dynamics are examined through an enlightened scholarly lens, articulating a synthesis that transcends the boundaries of time and space, inviting intellectual and emotional engagement. Johann Wolfgang von Goethe, an eminent literary figure in his own right, understood the intertextuality and universality of literature's great masterpieces. His unique positioning as a catalyst of the German literary movement, Sturm und Drang, and his masterful grasp of human passions and existential musings equipped him with the insight to curate this library of profundity. With Goethe's oeuvre and his explorations that often grappled with the human condition and the search for meaning, his discerning selection of titles in the collection reflects a profound engagement with works that ponder similar themes. This anthology, meticulously assembled by Goethe, is thus essential for anyone seeking to understand the historical and cultural magnitude of world literature. It offers both the seasoned scholar and the inquisitive reader a panoramic view of literary greatness. Through its pages, one embarks on a journey that illuminates the complexities and the simplicities of the human experience across continents and centuries. 'The Classics of World Literature in One Volume' is not merely a collection; it is a treasury of the collective intellect and imagination, resonating with all who delve into its timeless heritage.

Oscar Wilde

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  • December 26, 2021
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