The Fabric of the World - Geobiology, Feng Shui & Planetary Lines.  Rainer H?ing

The Fabric of the World - Geobiology, Feng Shui & Planetary Lines

By Rainer H?ing

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The author takes the reader on his journey from university to the fields and energies behind the visible world. In 40 years of research and counselling people, mostly those with a cancer problem, he managed to expand and optimise the counselling concept of geobiology and Feng Shui. These results are published here for the first time, including the "handle length" technique for experts. Particularly exciting: the insights into how the author became aware of new or hitherto unknown impact factors and what part they played in his counselling. Another highlight are the startling discoveries of planetary lines and planetary circular fields with their impressive complex aesthetic structure, which the author demonstrates at sacred sites in both Europe and Asia. The resulting contexts of meaning are, in some cases, deeply soul-touching and often simply astounding. In their density and initiated expertise, the insights conveyed here point far beyond radiesthesia – to a new comprehension of space. The consequences of these insights are yet to be fathomed in their totality.

Rainer H?ing

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  • December 26, 2021
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