Is there no Boss around here?

Is there no Boss around here?

By Gert Nijland, Hans Ruijs

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Living without a Boss is easy! Times have changed. Familiar ideas about organisations and their leadership no longer meet the needs and demands that society or individuals now have. The younger generation don't want to be subordinated within a leadership system, or to be tied to status and materialistic securities anymore. Instead, they are looking to make more meaningful and more mindful contributions towards the development of a sustainable society. The inspiring story of K&N will support you in making this shift. This book describes a fascinating and unusual project: It tells the story and describes the process of how one company successfully transitioned to having no boss in charge. The organisation completely removed its hierarchy, and now leads itself by understanding its original purpose and being guided by its collective impulse. Based on practical examples from outpatient psychiatry and community care, these pages describe how ordinary people created a self-directing organisation that continues to grow and thrive. Part story, part instruction, this easy-to-read little book will inspire your next step…

Hans Ruijs