On Seduction (1)

On Seduction (1)

On Seduction

By Reinhold Urmetzer

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Let us still dive deeper into the waters of a cheerful and unabashed disorientation - now and again catching a brief glimpse of an edge of truth, led by all-mighty Destiny (which we can neither recognize nor see through nor govern) - each of us with the most individual and multiplicitous goal of felicity. So let us live further in an open, portentous, and chaotic system. It need not be difficult. Perhaps we could even enjoy this condition of imponderableness and contradiction?! At least now and again. Brief and also but rare are the days of real happiness (sigh). - I get rather poetic, and this despite the many boldfaced and foreign terms, which may require googling or not. (On Roman Morals and Disorientation)

Reinhold Urmetzer