Dog, please say something.  Petra Koehler

Dog, please say something

By Petra Koehler

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Relationship and trust. A dog is a dog. At this point I would like to start with what most people are not prepared to accept: we are dealing with a dog and not with the replacement of a partner, family member or even stuffed animal. Unfortunately, I often find that a dog is bought for a child, but this child is understandably unable to cope with the upcoming responsibility. Problems are thus inevitable. If we are willing to deal with the origin of the dog to start with in the first step, we will approach the dog with a corresponding appreciation and more respect, which we should also show the dog. The most important thing we should be willing to accept is the fact that we are dealing with an animal. An animal capable of self-acting and thinking, which is intelligent, has its own character and differs from others, not only in species or breed. At the same time, we should have the willingness to accept that there are many deep-rooted dispositions and that the innate social structure may not be underestimated. But whether in a pack or a social community (group), they are all looking for guidance and therefore for someone who is not only able to provide food, but at the same time can protect their social structure and lead them competently through life. The moment we become too fixated on loving, cuddling, overwhelming, or even humanizing our dog, this can cause problems.

Petra Koehler

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  • December 30, 2018
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