Underwater Treadmill Therapy for Dogs.  Traute Schmidt

Underwater Treadmill Therapy for Dogs

By Yvonne M?ller, Traute Schmidt

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Therapy is defined as the treatment of diseases. This practical book serves as both a work of reference as well as a structuring aid when it comes to treating dogs on the underwater treadmill. The book is divided into three parts: - Basics such as the functions of the underwater treadmill, how the dog "works" on the underwater treadmill, training theory principles. - For the practice, e.g. medical findings, suggestions for the treatment of elbow dysplasia, hip dysplasia, etc. - From experience, e.g. Bobby, a golden retriever suffering from arthrosis, who serves as an example of treating a dog with a chronic disease. Further examples include Cindy and Murphy. 60 figures and 22 tables additionally illustrate the content of this book. The book's structure facilitates the finding of required information.

Traute Schmidt

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  • Published:
  • December 30, 2018
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