JANOO.  Gianna Schorno


By Shehzad Armaan, Gianna Schorno

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"JANOO" is a love and adventure story that spans many years and countries. It is based on a true love story between a Pakistani man and a Swiss woman. Punjab, Pakistan, 1980: Shehryar, 7 years old, excited about the arrival of his new baby sister, is dreaming of a future where he can write poems. Zurich, Switzerland, 1980: Betty, 10 years old, is feeling lonely and dreaming of a bright, exciting future. Dubai, 2000: Shehryar returns from Pakistan to live in the United Arab Emirates. At the same time, Betty is travelling from Switzerland to Dubai for a holiday with her partner Paul. Shehryar and Betty meet on a sightseeing tour and fall in love at first sight. Shehryar and Betty share a unique, deep love. Betty's life changes in an instant. She leaves her boyfriend Paul while still on holiday and stays with Shehryar who wants to marry her immediately. Their lives take them from the hot deserts of Dubai to cold Switzerland, then to the mysterious Asian continent. They celebrate their wedding in Pakistan. On their honeymoon in Pakistan, their perfect life is suddenly ripped apart while being involved in a terrorist attack in the northern part of the country where they are travelling. Betty is kidnapped and captured in a remote place. When she can finally escape, she is unable to find Shehryar, who has disappeared without a trace. Shehryar, also captured during the attack and being taken to another country against his will, experiences difficulties of escaping his predicament. When he is able to escape and returns to Pakistan, he cannot find any trace of Betty. After looking in vain for her for many years, he gives up and is forced to accept his misfortune. They both end up living in different countries. Oxford, UK, 2012: Shehryar and Betty both live in the UK, independent from each other, both married to other partners. They meet at a writers' conference in Oxford and due to a twist in their circumstances their special love blossoms once more.

Gianna Schorno

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  • Published:
  • December 30, 2018
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