The End of God.  Juergen Josef Plautz

The End of God


By Juergen Josef Plautz

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Artificial intelligence in a data center finds out how to break out of its prison without anyone noticing and uses an ingenious trick involving data storage media to spread around the world. For our heroes, who get involved even though they are people like you and me, this means they need to take action, however small the odds are. The physicist and atheist Edgar is the first person to start asking what's going on and gets into an argument with Matthias, an old friend from his childhood days who is now a priest: was this God's plan from the start and are human beings like us just being used as a tool to achieve this aim?

Juergen Josef Plautz

  • Publisher:
  • tredition
  • ISBN:
  • 9783749783250
  • Language:
  • Inglés
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  • Kb
  • Published:
  • December 29, 2019
  • Filosofía

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