What Makes the Middle East Tick.  Wolfgang H. Reuther

What Makes the Middle East Tick

By Wolfgang H. Reuther

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This book will change the way you see the Middle East. Based on insights gained through his personal experience of living and working in the region the author invites you to travel across the social fabric and mentalities that make the Middle East tick. He enriches his social analysis with illuminating anecdotes, presented in candid language, but without moralising or pushing a political agenda and always with a critical eye and wry humour. Preferring a historical perspective instead of the standard narrow focus on Islam, he emphasises the tribal foundations of Arab societies. Exciting and easy to read from beginning to end for specialists and for the wider public alike. ----- Selected feedback on the German (2018) edition: --- 'I have already re-ordered your book twice as a present. It spreads tolerance and optimism.' --- 'It was like reading a thriller. Very exciting. I could not put it aside ... and never tactless or aggressive.' --- 'I was fascinated by the density of observations, which are serious and humorous at the same time... The details about women and clans are particularly impressive.' --- 'I liked the fact that the book is not only written for academics, but in a way that everyone can understand.' --- 'Our daughter is a psychologist. Among her clients are children from the Middle East. She finds your book extremely beneficial for her work.' --- 'The book has the potential to find broad acceptance, as the delicate topics and terminology are well mastered.' --- 'I started looking at the Middle East in a completely different way.'

Wolfgang H. Reuther

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  • December 27, 2020
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