EAST AFRICA TALES & STORIES.  Gabriele Voglgsang


By Gabriele Voglgsang

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Every visitor of East Africa returns home with unforgetable memories which will remain for ever. The fascination of the wild, the animals, the sound and music of the wild, the beauty of the amazing landscape and of course the East African people and their culture. This book invites you to go on safari and to get in touch with the East African culture through the traditional stories collected in the early 20th century by folklorists and anthropologists as well as actual stories about daily live in East Africa nowadays. These stories will take you to a world of magic and irrestible humor of East African folklore. It is a perfect book for East Africa lovers, fans of East African culture and folklore lovers, adults and teens alike.

Gabriele Voglgsang

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  • 9783347658660
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  • Published:
  • December 26, 2021
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