Practical Introduction to Physical Radiesthesia.  Rainer H?ing

Practical Introduction to Physical Radiesthesia

By Rainer H?ing

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Many people perceive the atmosphere of a place or house sensitively. They sense that something does them good, touches them inwardly, is coarse or burdensome. As a rule, the causes lie in fields and vibrations that cannot be measured by normal physics. In addition to traditional dowsers and commuters who perceive these effects, a modern form of radiesthesia ("ray-sensing") developed that actually has its roots in physics. It uses an antenna that made possible the first determination of wavelengths in physics. In trained hands, the "Lecher antenna" produces a precision and differentiation that far surpasses traditional radiesthesia and opens up profound answers. This book is about the advantages of this method and its practical application.

Rainer H?ing

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  • December 26, 2021
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