Sgmltexi.  Daniele Giacomini


By Daniele Giacomini

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Sgmltexi is a DTD with tools to get Texinfo. The idea is to have another way to write Texinfo documents, intended to be a little bit easier, but also with some limitations. Sgmltexi manages Texinfo nodes automatically, generating a an Info menu at the Top node, and other menus if required. The node names may be generated automatically with string like "chap 1", "app A" and so on, or can be inserted manually, with different names. The Sgmltexi document has a precise scheme: there may be one or more introductions, there is a body (made probably of chapters), there may be appendixes and indexes. The body is organized into chapters, that may be grouped into parts and also tomes. This way, also big documents are easily managed.

Daniele Giacomini

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  • December 26, 2021
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