Through the Wilderness of Brazil.  Theodore Roosevelt

Through the Wilderness of Brazil


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This book is an account of a zoo-geographic reconnaissance through the Brazilian hinterland. In 1914 Theodore Roosevelt with his son, Kermit and Colonel Rondon traveled to South America on a quest to course the River of Doubt. In the body of this book Roosevelt describes how the scope of the expedition was enlarged, and how it was given a geographic as well as a zoological character. The Roosevelt-Rondon Scientific Expedition had experienced great adventures and dangers during its quest including men loss, attacks of cannibalistic tribes and flesh-eating bacteria. Discover the incredible adventures of the ex-president and his crew in one of the most exciting and unexplored parts of the Earth! Contents: Start of the Mission Up the Paraguay A Jaguar-hunt on the Taquary The Headwaters of the Paraguay Up the River of Tapirs Through the Highland Wilderness of Western Brazil With a Mule Train Across Nhambiquara Land The River of Doubt Down an Unknown River Into the Equatorial Forest To the Amazon and Home; Zoological and Geographical Results of the Expedition The Work of the Field Zoologist and Field Geographer in South America The Outfit for Travelling in the South American Wilderness Letter of May 1 to General Lauro Muller

Theodore Roosevelt