The U.S. Marine Manual for Close Combat Fighting.  U.S. Department of Defense

The U.S. Marine Manual for Close Combat Fighting

By U.S. Department of Defense

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The U.S. Marine Manual for Close Combat Fighting is a comprehensive guide that delves into the rigors and techniques of hand-to-hand combat as practiced within the United States Marine Corps. The manual provides detailed instructions on improving physical abilities such as strength, flexibility, balance, and cardiovascular health, which are essential in high-stress confrontations. The literary style is instructional and procedural, aimed at imparting practical skills for both self-defense and military engagements. Ensuring safety during training is a prominent theme, evidenced by sections on safety precautions and responsible training. Balancing theoretical knowledge with action-oriented drills, the content is arrayed from basic to advanced techniques, including ground-fighting, takedowns, throws, strikes, and weapon handling, contextualized within the military's combative training framework. The authorship of the manual by the U.S. Department of Defense lends it an air of authoritative expertise, representing cumulative knowledge and tactics refined by military experience. The strategies and disciplines outlined within are born from a necessity to equip service members with the psychological and physical skills to navigate the exigencies of close-quarters engagements. Written with the understanding that close combat can be decisive in military outcomes, the manual also serves to inculcate the values of courage, confidence, and discipline — qualities emblematic of the U.S. Marines. Its foundations are thus a synthesis of proven battlefield principles and the institution's esteemed legacy. Recommended for not only military personnel, but also civilian readers interested in self-defense and martial arts, The U.S. Marine Manual for Close Combat Fighting offers a unique glimpse into the demanding preparation of Marines. For practitioners of combatives and tactical training, this book stands as a rigorous guide, both in physical preparation and mental fortitude. Its structured approach from foundational to complex techniques, peppered with tactical advice and safety guidelines, makes it a valuable resource for those seeking to develop the competencies and preparedness akin to a U.S. Marine.

U.S. Department of Defense

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