School of Legato and Staccato.  Klaus Wolters

School of Legato and Staccato

Essential Exercises

By Carl Czerny, Klaus Wolters (Editor)

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'About the wide variety of piano sounds' - this is how the content of this volume could be summarised. For Czerny's 'School of Legato and Staccato' provides much more than technical exercises for the improvement of the fingers' dexterity or strength. This systematic course deals with all kinds of problems the pianist has to master in order to generate a differentiated and transparent piano sound. This volume aims at training the sense of tone, a differentiated touch and the skill of polyphonic interpretation - and this is why this hardly known textbook by Czerny is indispensable still today.

Klaus Wolters

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  • Published:
  • December 26, 2021
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