In Search of the SOUL OF WHISKY.  Carlo Reltas

In Search of the SOUL OF WHISKY

By Carlo Reltas

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The soul - what a great word! Ever since Karl had seen the cult film "Local Hero" with the elegiac music of Mark Knopfler in the 80s, a longing for the grandiose landscape of Scotland had lain dormant in him. For decades, his approach was limited to developing a taste for single malt whiskies. When he finally travelled to Scotland, he naturally had to go on their trail. But where? Single malts are the crown of Scotch whiskies. Speyside on the eastern slope of the Highlands as the "single malt country" par excellence was logically the first place he headed. Whether by bicycle between Glenlivet and Glenfiddich, by roadster to the local hero film location Pennan or by ferry to the home of peat-smoked whiskies, the Isle of Islay - whisky and distilleries were always on the agenda. But not only! Experiencing Scotland means much more to him: seeing magnificent landscapes, meeting unique people and gaining deep insights into history, especially at Edinburgh Castle, where Mary Stuart gave birth to the forefather of all later British monarchs. Karl also has travel impressions of the Isle of Skye, the Orkneys, Loch Ness as well as the economic metropolis Glasgow and the capital Edinburgh in his luggage. There, at the end of his journey, he finally finds a humorous and mischievous answer to the question of what the soul of whisky is and where it is to be found. ((With 68 Coöor photos and 2 GEOGRAPHIC MAPS)) The author Carlo Reltas was a journalist and manager of an international news agency for decades. Since leaving the news business, he lives near Heidelberg and travels.

Carlo Reltas

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  • December 26, 2021
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