Collotype and Photo-lithography.  Edwin C. Middleton

Collotype and Photo-lithography

By Julius Schnauss, Edwin C. Middleton (Traductor)

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Collotype and Photo-lithography by Julius Schnauss is about the process in photography by which one prints images in a wide variety of tones without the need for halftone screens. Contents: "Introductory 9 II. Bichromates in Conjunction with Organic Substances 12 III. Summary of the more important Printing Processes with Chromated Gelatine 18 IV. Collotype Apparatus 25 V. Chemicals and Materials for Collotype 46 VI. Preparation of the Collotype Plate 59 VII. Negatives suitable for Collotype 72 VIII. Printing in the Press 88 IX. Finishing and Varnishing Collotype Prints 96 X. Other Collotype Processes."

Edwin C. Middleton

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  • December 26, 2021
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