Geneva Convention — Third Geneva Convention.  Various Authors

Geneva Convention — Third Geneva Convention


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This Convention supersedes the 1929 Convention on Prisoners of War. This Convention features 143 articles, compared to the 1929 Convention's 97. Because of changes in war conduct and its repercussions, as well as in people's living situations, the 1929 Convention became required for amendment at a number of issues. Experience has shown that the interpretation of general norms has a significant impact on the everyday lives of inmates. As a result, certain regulations are given a less specific form than the preceding ones. Because the wording of the Convention will be displayed in all prisoner of war camps, it must be comprehensible at all times not just by the authorities but also by the casual reader. In line with Conventions I and II, the category of people eligible to prisoner-of-war status is increased. The circumstances and locations of confinement are more clearly specified, particularly with regard to prisoners of war's labor, financial resources, aid, and processes launched against them. The Convention outlines the idea that prisoners of war should be liberated and returned as soon as active hostilities cease.

Various Authors

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