The New Woman.  Sydney Grundy

The New Woman

By Sydney Grundy

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The New Woman is a comedy in four acts by Sydney Grundy. Grundy was an English dramatist. Excerpt: "GERALD [with effort]. I love you, Margery. [Sits, and resumes his pen.] Now, let me get on with my work! MARGERY [goes L. Aside] Somehow it didn't sound like that in Mapledurham. [Brightly.] Well, I suppose his head's full of his book. I wish mine was of mine. Oh, those French verbs! and what's the use of them? Why isn't English good enough for England? Enter Wells, L. WELLS. Captain Sylvester. [Gerald flings down his pen in despair. Exit Wells, L. Enter Sylvester. MARGERY. Ah, I'm so glad you've come! [Crosses to him.] I wanted somebody to talk to. Gerald's so busy!"

Sydney Grundy

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  • December 26, 2021
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