The Insurrection in Paris.  Davy

The Insurrection in Paris

By Davy

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The Insurrection in Paris is a memoir by Davy. It recollects the horrible events of the siege of Paris in 1870, which was the culmination of the Franco-Prussian War that France lost. Excerpt: "There is increasing discouragement among the National Guards, in spite of the retaking of Vanves. The Vengeur hints at a plot headed by Gerardin, and states that 400 National Guards, who exhibited no numbers of their battalions, were assembled for an unknown purpose at the Luxembourg; that at the same time officers who were making a domiciliary visit at Gerardin's house were attacked, and that in another quarter an attempt was made to assassinate Dombrowski."


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  • December 26, 2021
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