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By Corrado Lopresto

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Corrado Lopresto's car collection is considered one of the most significant and important in the world today, especially due to its value as a testimony to the tradition of Italian automotive design. But what’s behind this collection? Which decisions and events have defined its nature and enabled its realization? The answers to these questions gently take shape in these pages among glimpses of Corrado’s life just as in a novel, guiding the reader to discover the fascinating world of classic cars. A book for everyone, enthusiasts and the curious alike, in which personal anecdotes and lessons on restoration techniques are covered in equal measure. An authentic story which is also intended to be a tribute to Italian ingenuity and to inspire a more conservative approach to historic cars, one that can restore their souls. ABOUT THE AUTHOR Corrado Lopresto , architect and entrepreneur of Milan, is now the world’s most famous Italian classic car collector (27th in the world rankings). His passion for these cars came about during his childhood in Bagnara and it has grown over the years, leading him to collect and restore unique pieces, prototypes and special cars, all strictly Italian. For years Lopresto has been a point of reference for the philological approach to restoration, experimenting with new techniques and unconventional methods in this complex subject which differ according to the car being worked on. His cars are an important testimony to the history of Italian car design and have received more than 280 awards at various concours d’elegance. Lopresto has often participated in and organized exceptional exhibitions both in Italy and abroad.

Corrado Lopresto

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  • December 26, 2021
  • Autoayuda

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