Vivaldi's Girls.  D.P. Rosano

Vivaldi's Girls

By D.P. Rosano

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Antonio Vivaldi's music has mesmerized audiences for three hundred years. A less known story than his musical genius was the impressive figure that he was in Venetian society; the young, red-haired prodigy could make women swoon with the sweeping grandeur of his violin performances - especially after he traded in his priest's robes for the dashing attire of a celebrity. Through the words of his lifelong friend, Domenico Trapensi, Vivaldi's Girls tells the mesmerizing story of Vivaldi's time as a music teacher at Venice's Conservatorio, of those who fell for more than just his violin lessons, and of his romancing of other girls on the road to the Italian cities in his time.

D.P. Rosano

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  • December 26, 2021
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