STEINGLETSCHER.  Marcus Brian Vladimir Townend


By Marcus Brian Vladimir Townend

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On 2 November 1992 at 4.13 p.m., the earth shook at the Susten Pass in the Bernese Oberland. More than 800 tonnes of ammunition and explosives blew up in a cavern near the Steingletscher glacier. The detonation destroyed the cavern, the entrance area and the ammunition blasting site, leaving behind a huge debris field. Six people were killed. What was the cause? Inspired by two actual events - the arrest of a senior Swiss military officer in August 1976 (Part I) and the explosion at the Steingletscher in November 1992 (Part II) - the author, together with his two heroes, a Swiss intelligence officer and his Dutch friend, develops a breathtaking story in which everything is fictitious.

Marcus Brian Vladimir Townend

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  • January 1, 2023
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