Bio-radiant Medicine (Translated).  David De Angelis

Bio-radiant Medicine (Translated)

By Emilio Fattori, David De Angelis (Traductor)

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There are some people who emanate from their whole being a healing force and who see beyond the limits of matter with their psychic sight. They are the healers and seers. I am about to write about the healing emanation (also called, depending on the authors, bio-magnetism or bio-radiant energy), and clairvoyance, of these two particular faculties of the human being, closely related to each other, encouraged by my experience when I practiced medicine among the Ashanti people of Ghana. Since then, in the belief that the human person is composed of spirit, soul and body, I have continued uninterruptedly to cultivate by observation and practice, an interest in these phenomena, which have their origin in the spiritual dimension of the human being. Table of Contents PART ONE Psychic Action Psychic Teaching Modality of Possession Value of Dreams Organic diseases in the Ashanti conception Witchcraft and Depression Magic Astral World or World of Energy Matrices Psychometry Of Human Possibilities The Occult Man and the Vitalizing Energy PART TWO. Fluidic Radiation and Human Energetics. Psychic Fluid Effects on Animals and Plants The Aura Jagadis Chandra Bose Joseph Calligaris Philosophical Principles of Medical Astrology and Chinese Acupuncture Medical Astrology The Four Circuits of Energetic Correlation in Man Emanation of Vitalizing Energy Relationships with Suggestion Condensation of Vitalizing Energy Action of Vitalizing Emanation Vitalizing Emanation - Healing Action Polarization of the Vitalizing Energy Therapeutic Possibility of the Vitalizing Emanation Therapy - Practical Modalities Telepsychia Telepsychic Making Contact Employment of Psychic Emanation or Thought in distant healing PART THREE. How should we Heal? Appendix

David De Angelis

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