Being Is Doing With.  Piergiacomo Severini

Being Is Doing With

Forschungen zu Karl Jaspers und zur Existenzphilosophie

By Piergiacomo Severini

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This book aims at introducing Jeanne Hersch, holding together her biography and her philosophy and showing in which sense her whole path can be seen as a continuous endeavour to guarantee better conditions for the exercise of freedom to more and more people. Thanks to the investigation of Hersch's reflection on freedom throughout all her life, the reader should gain a tool to orient in the heterogeneous Herschian path. In addition, reconstructing the evolution of Hersch's reflection on freedom also highlights the coherence among her varied engagements and texts, shedding new light on some of her minor contributions, which are still quite unknown. Thus, Jeanne Hersch's philosophy turns out to be a consistent contribution to Existentialism and contemporary issues.

Piergiacomo Severini