Astrology Compendium for quick horoscope interpretation.  Jürgen G. H. Hoppmann

Astrology Compendium for quick horoscope interpretation

By Jürgen G. H. Hoppmann

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• Planets in the zodiac and earth space houses • Assignments of metals, precious stones, etc. • Deaneries and Dignities of the Planets • The Aspectarium of the Planets/Axes • Transit interpretation with all main and secondary aspects • Enclosed zodiac signs • Fields special analysis with complete ruler system • Fixed star positions of all planets/axes • Conjunction of the planets to inner/outer midpoints • Astromedical analysis, remedies, therapy • Medieval zodiac degree oracle sayings • Sabian symbols of the degrees of the zodiac • Lunar Nodes in Fields, Signs and Aspects • Aspects on the sensitive points • Interpretation of the mirror points • Analysis by element, dynamics, etc. • Stars in the most important place • Radix and Mundane transits • Large synastry partnership comparison Art and Stars Parallel to the respective prevailing faiths, celestian art has existed all over the world, in every country and in all cultures, over thousands of years. The author devotes himself to this fascinating phenomenon in art projects, drama, film, architecture, sculpture, literature and music.

Jürgen G. H. Hoppmann

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  • January 1, 2023
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