Angela's Revenge.  M. Daniel

Angela's Revenge

By M. Daniel

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Angela is a timid woman molded since childhood to believe she can do nothing right. But when she meets Wendell, her whole outlook on the world changes. However, when Angela loses a big sales deal for Wendell’s struggling computer store because of her mistake, his girlfriend and business partner Victoria insists she be fired. Wendell is reluctant to do so, but with the business dealt a huge loss, he cuts her hours so he can stay in business. When Wendall is out, Victoria drops by the computer store and talks with Angela about her screw up. Angela pleads not to be fired and asks for a spanking along with a reduction in pay. Agreeing to the arrangement, Victoria spanks Angela in the office, and thus begins the spanking relationship between Victoria and Angela. When Angela’s two housemates move out without notice, she can’t afford the rent on the house. When Wendell offers his spare room in the attic, she has little choice but to agree. On moving day, Victoria spanks Angela in the attic for putting a nick in the wall, all without Wendell’s knowledge. Victoria demands that Angela keep her mouth shut about getting spanked or she’ll kick her out. Wendell is often at the university teaching. He’s not happy at home, he’s worried about his businesses failing, and has plenty of reason to stay away. He has no idea what is happening in his own home. One day, when Victoria and her friend Susan come home for lunch, they catch Angela asleep on the couch – which Victoria does not allow! The sleepy Angela has just earned a spanking right in front of Susan. Later, when Susan finds Angela snooping through the papers in Victoria’s office while she’s away, Susan threatens to tell Victoria, unless Angela submits to being spanked. With both women on her, the stressed-out Angela finally breaks down and tells Wendell what’s been going on. Not only is Victoria taking liberties with Angela, Wendall learns from the snooping Angela that Victoria and Susan are skimming money from his business. Faced with the truth, it’s time for Wendall to take charge and help Angela get her revenge!

M. Daniel

  • Publisher:
  • Pink Flamingo Media
  • ISBN:
  • 9781959117261
  • Language:
  • Inglés
  • Size:
  • Kb
  • Published:
  • January 1, 2023
  • Ficción / General