Arameria.  Chenerah


By Chenerah "Kecar" Gajaze

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To escape a world in which he believes he cannot find love and appreciation, a young man takes refuge in his fantasies. In the course of his development, he creates fictitious friends in his mind who live in a ruined world and also strive for fulfilment. To be close to these beings and show them his deep feelings, the man confides in someone and his last revelation before parting emerges, in which he sends Joliyad on a journey to the truth of both their lives. Without intending to, the dying man throws Joliyad's mind and home into chaos and struggles for control over the events he allows to unfold with the telling of his story. His protagonist experiences social and emotional upheavals and discovers his affection for his childhood friend Amarok who is a member of the race with which Joliyad's nation is at war. Together they want to change the situation in their world, because their love for each other is stronger than the sheer hatred that divides their two species.

Chenerah "Kecar" Gajaze

Chenerah Gajaze lebt in einem kleinen Ort in Norddeutschland, ist Hobbyautor und Technik-Freund. Seit seiner Kindheit träumt er von einer anderen Welt und begann vor langer Zeit damit, sie mit den gegebenen Möglichkeiten zu gestalten - eben einen Traum ein Stück weit wahr werden zu lassen. Es ist sein Liebstes, seine Gedanken und Ideen in Form von Sience Fiction- oder Fantasy-Geschichten zu Papier zu bringen (oder eben die Festplatte damit zu füllen). Ein großes Thema seiner Werke ist die Liebe seiner Protagonisten. Ebenfalls interessiert aber die psychologische, emotionale Komponente, sowie die "Reise zum Ursprung" seiner Charaktere.
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  • January 1, 2023
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