Cat can be so simple.  Hanna Bauer

Cat can be so simple

By Hanna Bauer

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Get to know your cat better and discover its unique personality with Cat can be so simple. In this comprehensive guide, you'll learn everything you need to know to best keep, care for, and raise your cat. Whether you're already a proud cat owner or you're still at the beginning of your journey with a cat, this book offers valuable information and tips for everyone. You'll learn how to feed your cat properly, what care it needs, and how best to raise it. But that's not all - Cat can be so simple also gives insight into the most common diseases in cats and how to prevent them. In addition, you will find useful help with behavioral problems such as scratching on furniture, uncleanliness or aggression. The presentation of the most popular cat breeds rounds off the book and gives you a comprehensive overview of the different personalities and needs of cats. Whether you choose a playful Maine Coon or an elegant Persian cat, you'll be well prepared with this book. Get ready for a fascinating journey into the world of cats with Cat can be so simple. An indispensable guide for all cat lovers that will help you build a happy and healthy relationship with your velvet paw.

Hanna Bauer

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  • 9783347942509
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  • Published:
  • January 1, 2023
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