Suicide behaviors.  Adalberto Campo Arias

Suicide behaviors

Ciencias médicas y de salud

By Adalberto Campo Arias

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This book updates knowledge about self-injurious behaviors for suicidal purposes concerning frequency, possibly biological, psychological, social, cultural, and political causes; that is, it approaches suicide from abroad non-reductive vision and considers the phenomenon's complexity. The source of information is the most recent scientific research —preferably systematic reviews and meta-analyses—given the wealth of data available on the subject of suicide. It includes novel topics such as non-suicidal self-injurious behaviors and suicidal behaviors in socially excluded groups due to ethnicity, sexual orientation, and immigrants. Likewise, it presents a comprehensive view of strategies for preventing suicidal behavior. Special attention was paid to the review and inclusion of research carried out in Colombia and other Latin American countries since studies published in Spanish are exceptionally considered in reviews in English. Each chapter is extensively referenced so that readers can delve into the details of each topic as they see fit. It is necessary to continue reviewing the evidence to reduce suicidal behaviors by implementing preventive programs in the most vulnerable social groups.

Adalberto Campo Arias