Astrology as a Guide to your personal Freedom.  Sabine M. I. Henning-Helbig

Astrology as a Guide to your personal Freedom

By Sabine M. I. Henning-Helbig

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In this book a clear and structured introduction about an astrological birth chart is given. But not only that! You read about the deeper interpretations of the Zodiac circle and planets, that influences us. In other words: You learn the basics how to read and interpret a birth chart.

Sabine M. I. Henning-Helbig

My name is Dr. Sabine Henning-Helbig and I was born 1962 in Hamburg. As an agricultural engineer, I worked internationally for many years in a wide variety of professions. Among these are event researcher, event manager, author, speaker, teacher, lecturer and freelance consultant in Africa, Europe and the US. After raising my sons, my working world became too small for me and I set out for new shores. That's when I discovered my passion for astrology. For 5 years now I have been learning and practicing as an astrologer reading my own and other people's birth charts. My versatile professional life helps a lot to meet with people from all over the world. My life coaching is about self-knowledge and personal development, and also more specifically, the professional and career path as well as the mission in life that we all got at birth. In this book you will read about the structure of a birth chart and how it can be read and interpreted. It is an introduction for birth chart readings as I practice it. Although all is work in progress and we learn as we live I wrote this book to give ideas and insights about how astrology can help us to live a self-determined life. Sabine M.I. Henning-Helbig
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  • January 1, 2023
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