The Hidden Treasures Within.  Tracey Lafayette

The Hidden Treasures Within

By Tracey Lafayette

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This book is about trying to gently guide people to understand the Bible and the word of God, it is translated in a modern way by using everyday situations and scenarios to help them to reflect on life and the Bible in a different way. This book uses different styles and situations to explain the Bible and to show people that Jesus and the Word of God is not outdated but is always relevant in today's modern world, if only we look deeper in to things. It tries to explain things in a simple way, helping people to identify themselves and to look at things from a different angle and in a positive way, helping them to relate to what people go through in life. This book is like a diary and is very personal as it helps to show that we all go through issues but it is how we handle these that truly count. The book tries to explain things in general giving you a deeper thought about life and helping you to see yourself or perhaps someone else that you may know from the examples used in the book. This is a fresh approach at looking at Christianity in a modern world showing that if you look deeper into the hidden places you can believe.

Tracey Lafayette

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  • Published:
  • January 1, 2023
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