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The Agatha Christie Collection: The Grand Dame of Crime's Masterpieces

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Dive into the compelling world of Agatha Christie with this exclusive collection, showcasing her finest mysteries. Known as the Grand Dame of Crime, Christie's tales are a blend of exciting plots, mysterious characters, and deadly secrets. From the baffling cases of Hercule Poirot to the charming investigations of Miss Marple, every story is a journey into the depths of human nature and the dark corners of the mind. Endorsed by critics and celebrated in the Guinness Book of World Records, Christie's works have been translated into over 100 languages, with global sales exceeding two billion copies. This collection is a testament to her unparalleled prowess in the crime genre. "Christie's mysteries are not just stories; they are masterpieces of suspense, intrigue, and human psychology." - [Insert Social Proof: Name of a renowned author or critic] Don't miss out! Embark on a thrilling journey with the best of Agatha Christie. Grab your copy now and delve into the world of classic mysteries! The Mysterious Affair At Styles The Secret Adversary The Murder On The Links The Man in the Brown Suit The Secret of Chimneys The Murder of Roger Ackroyd The Jewel Robbery at the Grand Metropolitan The Disappearance of Mr. Davenheim The Adventure of the "Western Star" The Tragedy at Marsdon Manor The Million Dollar Bond Robbery The Adventure of the Cheap Flat The Mystery of the Hunter's Lodge The Kidnapped Prime Minister The Adventure of the Egyptian Tomb The Adventure of the Italian Nobleman The Case of the Missing Will The Chocolate Box The Veiled Lady The Lost Mine The Affair at the Victory Ball The Adventure of the Clapham Cook The Cornish Mystery The Adventure of Johnnie Waverly The Double Clue The King of Clubs The Lemesurier Inheritance The Plymouth Express The Submarine Plans The Market Basing Mystery


Agatha Mary Clarissa Miller, DBE (Torquay, 15 de septiembre de 1890-Wallingford, 12 de enero de 1976), más conocida como Agatha Christie, fue una escritora y dramaturga británica especializada en el género policial, por cuyo trabajo tuvo reconocimiento a nivel internacional. A lo largo de su carrera, publicó 66 novelas policiales, seis novelas rosas y 14 historias cortas —bajo el seudónimo de Mary Westmacott—, además de incursionar como autora teatral en obras como La ratonera o Testigo de cargo.
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