Soccer Science and Performance Coaching.  Adam Owen

Soccer Science and Performance Coaching

By Adam Owen

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In recent decades, the sporting landscape has seen many changes, notably the inclusion and professionalization of sport science and coaching. With this change has come significant demand for applied research surrounding soccer science and performance coaching, leading to new theory and methodology across all aspects of the game. This book brings together the most fundamental components of soccer science and performance coaching through modern, integrated coaching science methods implemented by leading practitioners and researchers. The expertise included in this book provides a unique blend of modern, soccer-specific research trends with innovative coaching theory, implemented at an elite level, and enhances the knowledge of coaches and medical and performance specialists, all while advocating an applied alternative to the development of players. Within each of the main sections—Prepare, Perform, Recover—leaders in the fields of applied sport science, sport and exercise science, sport psychology, sport nutrition, and strength and conditioning outline the best coaching and training methods, making this book a must-have for coaches and trainers seeking to augment their own understanding of what is required to enhance player development.

Adam Owen

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  • Meyer & Meyer Sport
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  • 9781782555339
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  • January 1, 2023
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