The Chronicle of the Discovery and Conquest of Guinea (Vol. 1&2).  Edgar Prestage

The Chronicle of the Discovery and Conquest of Guinea (Vol. 1&2)

By Gomes Eannes de Zurara, C. Raymond Beazley (Traductor), Edgar Prestage (Traductor)

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The Chronicle of Discovery and Conquest of Guinea in two volumes is a historical source which is considered the main authority for the early Portuguese voyages of discovery down the African coast and in the ocean, more especially for those undertaken under the auspices of Prince Henry the Navigator. The work is written by Portuguese chronicler Zurara and is serves as the principal historical source for modern conception of Prince Henry the Navigator and the Henrican age of Portuguese discoveries (although Zurara only covers part of it, the period 1434-1448). Zurara's chronicle is openly hagiographic of the prince and reliant on his recollections. It contains some account of the life work of that prince, and has a biographical as a geographical interest.

Edgar Prestage

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